How and When to Ask Customers for Reviews

Reviews and referrals are the most effective way to build your business and brand and get new clients. A referral is great because you do not have to spend any time or money on marketing. Reviews are like referrals – it is always great when a client says, “I checked out your profile on Motil and read some of your reviews and would love to work with you.” Chances are these clients will be some of your best because they come from customers that you already enjoy working with.

Asking for reviews and referrals can be tricky but I have a simple trick that may be helpful.  Reviews are slightly less involved than referrals, so I typically ask for a review after the first time I work with a client. But instead of asking for a review outright, I like to ask new clients to share some feedback with me about the service so I can help improve my business. 99% of clients write a positive review and may even give you a helpful tip as well.

Once I build a relationship with a customer – this is usually after the third appointment, I will start asking for referrals from my clients. The easiest way to do this is to say to your client something like – “I have really enjoyed working with you, do you know of anyone else that may be looking for similar services?” When I ask for a referral, I always share my Motil link with the customer right away and show them where they can find my link in the app when they need me. Chances are it may come up in a conversation a week or even a month later and by showing them how they can share my booking link in the app I am training them how to be an invaluable part of my sales force.  

Referrals the most valuable marketing tool out there!

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