Don't Quit Your Day Job- Yet

Steps to becoming a full-time freelancer 

Your side gig is getting hot while your boss is getting annoying. Is it time to quit and make your side-hustle your hustle-hustle? Before you say, “Take this job and…,” step back a moment to make sure you’re truly ready to go full-time.


Be Realistic About Who You Are 

With almost every freelancing gig, you’ll be alone most of the time. You’ll need to be okay with feeling a bit isolated. Or, if you need to be around people to keep your motivation and mood going strong, plan for a shared workspace or some arrangement where you work with others. The main thing here is that you are the boss now and, to be successful, you’ll need to hold yourself accountable. 


Face Your Finances 

You’ve been working for someone else and getting a regular paycheck, so you may not pay close attention to the details. Get real here. What you need for your budget to live and cover your bills, what you’re willing to give up, and what kind of emergency fund you need are questions you should ask yourself. Consider how many clients you’ll need at your current rate to break even. Getting super practical may not seem like much fun but leaving a for-sure paycheck before you’re financially ready can mean failure before you even really get started. 


Manage Your Business 

Having a side gig probably means you likely have some method to keep track of clients and bill them. You may use a combination of tools like a spreadsheet, Venmo, Google calendar, and others. Managing your business will get more complex once you go full-time. You’ll need to simplify and streamline managing your calendar and scheduling, billing, payment, and taxes. (We’ve builtMotilto be an all-in-one tool to make it easy for you.) 


Get Online 

If you’ve been leaning on word-of-mouth, you’ll want to create a professional public profile. Take a look at ourblog about creating an authentic freelancerpresence to build your business. Having an online presence is one of the best ways you can be clear about your business. This will help potential clients know who you are, what you do, and where you do it. You’ll need it to promote yourself and network to truly get to the magic number of clients you need to break even and beyond. 


Stay Focused 

A freelance life comes with ups and downs. You’ll be more likely to get through the down periods if you have a plan for them. Think about who you can turn to when you need a pep talk. Write down your goals and keep them in front of you. Celebrate successes. Even something small like blocking an hour on your calendar for a walk can feel indulgent or help ease a stressful time. 

Stepping out of a regular job can be scary, but if you make and stick to a plan, it can be one of the most exciting and rewarding things you do for yourself. 



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