Upskilling To Increase Your Value & Make More Money

Upskilling to Increase your value

You may think of yourself as a freelancer, consultant, side-hustler, solopreneur, or even small business. In practically every case, if you have a mindset of consistent improvement, you’ll have a better shot at experiencing business growth at higher rates. Why? Because trends, needs, technology, and attitudes change. You need to stay relevant to keep and […]

Where Are They Going? The Great Resignation Continues 

Dear Boss- I Quit

Over the past year, the Great Resignation has hit the U.S. and global economy. A record-breaking number of employees have quit their jobs, across all sectors. But what exactly is driving this wave of resignations. A term that you may be hearing these days is the ‘Great Resignation,’ coined by Anthony Klotz, a Texas A&M University […]

Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Yet

Don't Quit Your Day Job- Yet

Steps to becoming a full-time freelancer  Your side gig is getting hot while your boss is getting annoying. Is it time to quit and make your side-hustle your hustle-hustle? Before you say, “Take this job and…,” step back a moment to make sure you’re truly ready to go full-time. Be Realistic About Who You Are  […]

How and When to Ask Customers for Reviews

How and When to Ask Customers for Reviews

Reviews and referrals are the most effective way to build your business and brand and get new clients. A referral is great because you do not have to spend any time or money on marketing. Reviews are like referrals – it is always great when a client says, “I checked out your profile on Motil […]

The Benefits of Meditation for Business Owners and Freelancers

The benefits of meditation for business owners and freelancers

Being an independent business owner is stressful. We live in a fast-paced world where our to-do lists seem never-ending and we’re expected to be available 24/7. It’s challenging to try and grow your business while simultaneously managing everyday life. This is why meditation for business owners can be such a powerful tool in both your […]

How to Create an Authentic Freelancer Presence to Build Your Business

There are decisions you need to make to determine how you move forward in your freelance career. If you’re already established but haven’t given much thought to your brand, now is the time. If you’re just getting started and haven’t done anything, now is the time. First, think about who your target customers are. “Everyone” […]