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What is Motil?

Motil is an all-in-one software solution for the self-employed, side-hustlers, and freelancers alike to manage commission-free payments, calendar scheduling, invoicing, and client bookings/engagement with a referral optimization tool – all from 1 dashboard, on virtually any device.


Features for our ‘Free’ plan include:

  • Online web presence and profile
  • Calendar management and synching
  • Asynchronous scheduling and client bookings
  • Commission-free payments and payouts
  • Invoicing and direct deposits
  • Customer engagement tool
  • Sharing and referral optimizaion


Our mission is to grow and empower local economies by unlocking the full potential of individuals and their skills.

We offer a software solution for solopreneurs who offer local services and want to simplify their processes by bringing their business to the cloud.

I'm not US-based, can I still use Motil?

Absolutely! You can start using Motil today from anywhere in the world with a US-format phone number that can be obtained by any VoIP service like Skype, Google Voice, Vonage, etc.

Why should I switch to Motil?



Why juggle between different softwares for scheduling, invoicing, and web presence when you can have all these features in 1 dashboard that’s built for web and on-the-go (mobile app)? 

Motil helps do this while not taking any commission from your profits. 


No coding skills? No problem! 

You can use your Motil profile as a landing page for your customers to see what services you offer, information about your business, and even book with you. 

What's the difference between Motil and a website builder?

With Motil, you don’t need to be a web designer to have an online platform for your business. Instead of spending time on developing a website + maintaining it, use Motil! With Motil you get a sleek looking profile where you can post photos of your products, promote your services, schedule appointments with your customers, and manage payments + invoicing. Stop running between different systems when you can go Motil and do everything from your phone today!

What's the difference between Motil and a scheduling system?

Motil gives you the advantages of a scheduling system while also allowing you to promote specific services, receive payments, send invoices, and manage your client interactions. Instead of using one app to schedule your appointments, another to deal with payments, and multiple social media sites/website builders to promote your business, go Motil for all your freelancing needs.

What's the difference between Motil and a payment/invoice system?

Additionally to managing payments and invoices like other systems, Motil provides freelancers with a place to expand online presence, establish their brand, promote their services, schedule in-person and online appointments, and keep track of their customer interactions in one platform. Why use a different tool for everything that you want to do when you can do it all with Motil?

Will Motil have store functionality in the future?

Currently we’re built for selling services, however we would like to add the ability to sell products here as well. Your personalized webpage/profile acts as a store and customers can come in and check out via that storefront.

Are the text messages included or do they require a credit/subscription service? Do they send from my own number or a virtual number?

Text messages are included in our pricing tier without any additional cost. They are sent from a virtual number for things like appointment notifications, etc.

How do payments work? Do they go directly to my bank or to Motil first? What does that process look like and what's the time-table for me receiving my payments?

When you finish a service, you can choose to charge the customer in 3 ways:

  1. Charge to the payment method they have on file.
  2. Charge via cash/external party transaction (i.e. Venmo, PayPal, etc.).
  3. Send them an invoice.


The money charged for that service goes to you, not to us. As a result, we don’t act as a middleman so you have more flexibility around issuing refunds and credits directly. The typical time table is T+2 for US and T+3 for most other countries (but the time table may vary depending on the country). 

Need Help? Here's our contact information

There are 3 main ways to contact us for any questions, report any issues, and/or recommend features that are vital to your business that you’d like Motil to implement in our next version:

– Chatbot: speak with a member of our team via chatbot on our website

– Email:

– Phone Call: +1 (786) 584-2343