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The ultimate feature set for personal trainers.

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Simple setup

Create a profile in minutes and promote your skills and qualifications.

Convenient management

Impress clients with quick and accessible scheduling.

Commission-free earnings

Track payments with ease. Your income matters, we help protect it.

The Motil Solution

Motil makes it simple to manage your online presence, customer communication and finances.

A powerful suite of tools

Brand Web Presence

Taking online reputation management to the next level with a customized landing page and centralized reviews.

Customer Communication

Seamless appointment management with easy, customer focused booking tools.

Payment and Tax Management

Automate payments and financial management with Motil Payments.



Start your 30 day free trial. No credit card required.







Start your 30 day free trial. No credit card required.

How Motil works

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Setup Your Profile

List your services. Pen a description. Add a photo/logo. Upload your work images.

Build Web Presence

Use as your webpage or link to an existing one. Connect to Google for Business and social media.

Establish Hours

Open your schedule only to the days and times that work for you.

Add Appointment Types

Turn your phone into an appointment-scheduling powerhouse.

Link Motil Pay

Add banking information to get paid instantly via credit card or ACH.

Get Going!

Send your existing clients your Motil link and get booked.

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30 day free trial. No credit card required.


How is Motil different from marketplaces like Uber, Wag, Varsity Tutors, and countless others?

Marketplaces charge you a percentage of the amount the customer pays for a service. Often this fee is around 40% of the amount the customer pays. We do not think this is fair and have built a new model where you pay a flat monthly fee (currently $8 per month) to access our software and run your business your way. For example, if you do $100,000/year in business on marketplaces, switching to Motil can save you $40,000 per year.

How is Motil different from advertising platforms like Google, Yelp, Angie's List, Thumbtack and countless others?

Advertising platforms charge you to advertise your business and often include lead fees for customers that want to book with you. Motil does not charge you for leads. When a customer makes a booking with you, that is your customer and your relationship. Our goal is to help you serve your customers better.

What is visible to clients based on my pricing tier?

All Motil accounts in both the Free and Basic tiers come with a customizable public profile, including your own pictures, descriptions, services, and availability. With the Basic tier, clients will be able to book your services and pay you directly all within the Motil app.

How does the free trial work? Do I need to enter my credit card?

Our free trial is designed to be a 30-day risk-free trial. That means no credit card is required. You are free to use all the features in our software suite and if you like it, we will send over instructions for how to sign up at the end of your trial.

What happens after my trial expires?

After 30 days, you will be downgraded to the Free tier and lose access to the Basic tier features. This means your profile will still be public, but you'll no longer be able to do bookings or payments. You can upgrade to the Basic tier any time after the trial ends.

What is Motil?

Motil’s core SaaS solution empowers side-hustlers, freelances, and the self-employed with a better way to start, manage workflows, and scale. Motil provides a one-stop-shop combining an online presence with scheduling and payment tools. We offer a SaaS Business Suite for individuals who offer local services and want to simplify their processes by bringing their business to the cloud.

Who should use Motil?

Anyone who is a freelancer, side-hustler, or self employed. You are looking for a turnkey solution that allows you to provide a link to your customers for job creation, scheduling, instant payment, and tax documentation. That was why we built Motil - to help you run your business better.

Why should I use Motil?

Motil provides an all-in-one tool as opposed to piecing several different services. This allows you to build better customer relationships. Our tools reduce the amount of admin time needed to manage a job. And you can set up a professional profile on the web and link to your social media and your Google Business profile. Motil allows you to capture 100% of your price to the consumer. No paying for leads in the hopes of getting a gig, and no profit share with a marketplace (which often charge you 40% of the cost the customer pays). We don't think that is right and it's time to change.

Motil makes it easy to work from your phone.